Introduction to the MEL Filter System (MFS™)

MEL Manz Eng. Ltd.

Manz Engineering Ltd. (MEL) manufactures and markets a line of filters collectively known as the MEL Filter System or MFS™.

 Independent Performance Evaluation: 4 log removal Cryptosporidium & Giardia - available upon request 

 Additional information is available, i.e., engineering guidelines for implementation of MEL technology, and project sheets for existing installations. Budget costing also available upon request. 

The variations of the MFS™ presently in production are based on extensive experience with humanitarian and commercial versions of the BioSand Water Filter (BSF), that is cleaned by harrowing, and the low operating head polishing sand filter, LHPF, that is cleaned using a backwash process.

The designs of the MFS™ filters are unique. They overcome the disadvantages and limitations of the BSF and LHPF. All of the filters that are part of the MFS™ are manufactured in Canada.

A detailed description of the MFS™ used to replace traditional slow sand filtration and polishing sand filters may be found in the paper titled MEL - Biological Filtration and MEL - Polishing Filtration, which may be downloaded here. Other papers available by download are Iron and Manganese Removal Using MEL-PF Filtration Technology and Arsenic Removal Using MEL-PF Filtration Technology.

Almost all of the filters in the MFS™ line are intended for applications where the water demand is relatively large. The only filter that is specifically designed for household use is the plastic BSF12 which is specifically intended for the international market and will only be sold in ISO container quantities.

The concrete BioSand Water Filter, as presented in this web site, is not rendered obsolete. The design presented can be readily adapted to being cleaned using a backwash process and so still presents NGOs and like minded people and organizations to continue the introduction of the very successful treatment technology only now using a design that overcomes many of its shortcomings.

The commercially produced and marketed MFS™ is not in competition with the not-for-profit concrete BSF that has been successfully introduced by the millions around the world. Rather, they are complimentary. Together they can resolve, alone or in combination with other water treatment technologies, most of the water treatment needs of the developing and developed world.

Two (4m x 2m x 2m) stainless steel MEL-BFs transported and installed: